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TRINITY HARVEST FINANCIAL SERVICES is a management consulting firm that provides strategic and financial advisory services to emerging growth businesses. Providing growing organizations with experienced CFO-level talent on an outsourced, part-time basis at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Packaging your business is our specialty to attract the necessary financing to grow your business. Partnering with investment bankers, major banks and other lenders who offer financing for emerging growing companies

  • Assistance in the development of a Comprehensive Business Plan document for the purposes of guiding the Client’s execution of its business strategies and to solicit investors and other potential sources of financing;

  • Review of existing company documentation, including: current business model; strategy; and company’s historical financial performance

  • The review of your additional acquisition opportunities along with post acquisition management strategies can be completed by Trinity.

  • Development of  investment presentations and refine existing business plan documents are part of our strategy to make your company more competitive.

  • Comprehensive excel-based financial model of the Client’s financial projections for five years of operations and growth opportunities are developed.